-- pruebas

#LongStoryShort... But here it is

Our journey started in the Summer of ´16.
The bralette came into out lives an since then we never let it go. I gave us a true purpose "To take our lingerie and bring it into the outer world, making it a key piece in any woman´s closet"

"Every woman that adds a BlackLimba into her life becomes part of our journey too"

-Pepe, Founder

"Our most valuable piece is the bralette, it meets all of women´s needs, and therefore... ours. We keep replicating that formula in everything we create: our number one priority is to satisfy our customer and put a smile on her face."

-Maria, Designer

#ItsAboutYou... not them

We realized women were stepping away from the push-ups and overdone bombshells and walking towwards more relaxed, natural looks, without giving up on style.

"Create quality pieces at an accesible price with solid brand image and strong online presence"

- Álvaro, CEO & Founder

#DoLimba... Stay Limba

Day after day we work to create a place for ourselves in a woman´s universe. Building a brand that is current and close to you, our girl. Using the motto has been with us since the beginning

#YouKnowWhtsInside... and so do we

We believe that whath the Black Limba woman is, goes far beyond what she is on the outside and is all about what she´s made of on the inside, eager to show it to the world

"The Black Limba woman is not afraid to show herself as is. Through our bralettes we intend to show with pride what we used to hide in the past"